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When his department is outsourced to India, customer call center manager Todd heads to Mumbai and amusing culture clashes ensue. Watch trailers & learn thesanfranista.comor: John Jeffcoat. Korean animation, Korean anime, manga animasyonu, or aeni (/ ˈ æ n i /; Korean: 애니) has become an industry that produces characters for other countries' companies, exports its creations globally and generates billions of dollars in profits.

Outsourced is an American television sitcom set in an Indian workplace. It is based on the film of the same name and adapted by Robert Borden for Universal Media Studios and thesanfranista.com series originally ran from September 23, to May 12, The show was officially picked up by NBC on May 7, and on October 18,the show received a full season order.

The gentle but illuminating Outsourced proves the story, as long as it's told well, never gets old. Todd eventually realizes the best way to escape India and get back to Seattle, ironically, is to let go of his resistance to India's culture and people. This movie was the inspiration for the sitcom on NBC.

If you watched the series, you /5().

Outsourced movie
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